About the Money Metamorphosis Class

The Money Metamorphosis class will teach you the building blocks of financial freedom through a 13-week intensive,participatory program that will literally transform your financial life.

What sets this class apart from the rest is the application of the principles. Each week you’ll not only learn about new concepts and workable strategies, but you’ll put them into action. Accountability, group interaction and achievable goals provide the momentum and support to change your relationship to money-once and for all.

The class is a 13-week process that takes participants through fundamentals of money management, what we call the defensive strategies of handling money (keeping less money going out) and the offensive strategies (building wealth)
which include:

  • The Psychology of Money-how most people relate emotionally to money,and their belief systems.

  • Communication with Money-We teach couples how to “get on the same page” whendealingwith money by helping them to open up communications in new ways.

  • Tax Strategies-We cover tax strategies for individuals, business owners and investors, long-and short-term investment strategies, strategies on how to maximize your real estate holdings(both personal residence and investment real estate), household budgeting, retirement planning and college savingsstrategies, and a multitude of other topics.

  • Financial Experts-We also bring inlocal top experts in the fields of insurance, business coaching (the “coach” of coaches), real estate investing (an investor who maintains a multi-million dollar portfolio), and financial planning.

  • Goal Setting-We help our participants set financial and even personal goals and give them tools and resources to help make them happen.

  • Graduate Community-After thefinal classwe have graduate and reunion classes periodically, and graduates become part of our “Money Metamorphosis community”, in which graduates take what they’ve learned to a whole new level.

There are no qualifications or minimum net worth requirements to be in the class.We have had participants who havebeen in financial situations ranging from bankruptcy and foreclosure to executives making mid-six figure incomes.The class is designed for couples and individuals.Individuals who participate are encouraged to have an accountability partner help them through the process (which is why we charge the one price for two people).

The class is taught by Sean T. Boyd, CPA, CFP, CVA who is in a professional categorythat fewer than 1% of all U.S. CPAs are part of in terms of his professional credentials.The classes are fun and engaging, yet powerful and effective.They are also limited to 12 participants and often have a Wait List so be sure to get registered today!